Save Big with Aspiron Limited Time Offers

Save Big with Aspiron Limited Time Offers

As an avid shopper, you are always on the lookout for a good deal. Well, this year Aspiron has unleashed amazing limited-time offers to help you save your hard-earned cash. If you’re wondering where to do some last-minute holiday gift shopping? We have the solution, our offers are diverse, ranging from vacuum cleaners to dog grooming kits. Read on to learn more about our exclusive deals and why you don’t want to miss out on them.


Benefits of Special Discounts

Are you wondering if you should take advantage of our limited-time offers to score a deal? Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of our special discounts.


Big Savings

This is the number one reason you should enjoy the offers. Who doesn’t love the idea of saving some money? With our limited-time offers this year you can save more than 50% on some items.


Buy More of What You Need

Because of all the savings you’re making, you can now buy more than one product! If you’re a last-minute holiday shopper or just want to treat yourself then our offers will have you saving money so you can buy more gifts for yourself and your loved ones.


Easily Decide What to Buy

If you’ve been on the fence about shopping for our products, this is the best time to try them out. Not only will you enjoy the best prices, but we also give a 30-day return and refund service, just so you’re sure you are getting more than your money’s worth.


How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner

A few of the items on our limited-time offers page are vacuum cleaners. We have quite a variety on sale and if you’re a bit confused about which one is right for you, here is our vacuum cleaner shopping guide. All vacuum cleaners have their benefits and drawbacks, to find out which one is right for you will all depend on how you plan to use it. If suction power or the choice between an upright or handheld vacuum confuses you, allow us to break it down for you.


Upright or Canister?

Upright vacuum cleaners are the more popular option, they generally have a revolving brush and motor. They are best at cleaning synthetic carpets and you can also use one to clean smooth floors. Some upright vacuums come with several attachments now that make them much more versatile and able to do many other jobs.


Canister vacuum cleaners are the most versatile design available. They offer amazing performance at cleaning carpets, smooth floors, and also above-floor surfaces. They have a hose and wand to which you can attach different cleaning attachments for more adaptable cleaning. They are also easier to manoeuvre so you can easily clean tight corners and underneath furniture.


Bag or Bagless

This is the next major difference between vacuum cleaners. It simply means the vacuum cleaner either uses a dust bag or is bagless, and uses a bin or dust collection cup. This depends on what you prefer and if you suffer from allergies. A bagged option works best for allergy sufferers because bagless options expose you to a lot of dust when cleaning up. Most bagged options use filters to provide you with cleaner air.


To choose a vacuum cleaner that is perfect for your home, consider:

  • The surfaces you will be cleaning.
  • Traffic in the room you will be cleaning.
  • Carpeted or bare floors, tiled floors or hardwood.
  • Ease of use
  • Variety of attachments.


Here are the items available on a limited-time offer.


Aspiron Stick Vacuum Cleaner AS-CA025

This is a handheld upright vacuum cleaner built for multiple uses. Here is why you should get it:


 5-in-1 Multi-function Cleaner: Use it to clean your floors, carpet, shutters, stairs, and sofa. It comes with 4 brushes to make all this possible.

Portable & Lightweight: it weighs just 3.5 lbs, making it easy to lift when you need to clean above-ground surfaces.

30ft Cleaning Radius: It has a long cord to make cleaning an entire room possible without stopping and switching power outlets.


Corded Stick Vacuum: AS-CA035

This lightweight vacuum cleaner is handy and allows you to quickly clean up messes with ease. Get one today and enjoy these features:


3-Stage Filtration: With a central cyclonic filtration system, a washable HEPA-H10 Filter, and an outlet sponge, it is perfect for cleaning up your indoor air.


Strong Suction Power: It features over 455AW/24Kpa of strong suction coupled with 5 versatile tools to make your cleaning quick and easy.


Washable Dust Cup: The 1L dust collector is large enough to clean up your space without needing frequent emptying and can be emptied in seconds for a wash.


7-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit: EH-PA002

Give your dog some much-needed grooming with this kit. It has:

  • Brushes, nozzles, and clippers for the complete care of your pet.
  • A large dust box, which means less frequent emptying between grooming sessions.
  • It self-cleans! Use the crevice tool to clean up after your grooming session to easily get rid of pet hair.


Here are a few other items on the limited-time offer and their features

Electric Spin Scrub Steam Mop

Why you should get it:

  • This powerful steam cleaner uses 230°F steam to clean your home.
  • It has a 3-in-1 function and works as a mop, scrub, and steamer at the same time.
  • Safe for use on all floors.
  • It swivels and has LED headlights making it easier to clean under furniture.


Steamer for Clothes: AS-IS001

Why you should get it:

  • It has a 360° leakproof design for safe use, you can steam vertically or use it as an iron on your clothes.
  • Safe for most fabrics including silk, lace, jeans, cotton, and nylon.
  • Lightweight for ease of storage especially when traveling.


Steamer for Clothes:AS- IS002

Get it today and enjoy these features:

  • Ready to steam in just 25 seconds, you won’t get late getting your outfit ready.
  • Experience professional steaming at home, all you need is to press the steam button to enjoy smooth steaming.
  • A 5.9ft power cord gives you plenty of steaming room, this works great for curtains and bedding.


With our limited-time offers, you can be sure to make big savings on amazing products. So, get ready to discover unbeatable deals that are well worth it.

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