Empowering Women with Aspiron Ladies’ Specials

Empowering Women with Aspiron Ladies’ Specials

Happy International Women's Day! As we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide, it’s important to acknowledge the dynamic role women play in every aspect of our lives. Aspiron seeks to empower every woman by reducing the physical and mental load you carry especially when it comes to keeping a clean home. 

Our home cleaning gadgets truly resonate with the spirit of womanhood, they are not only thoughtfully designed but are crafted with quality materials all designed to make your house cleaning less of a chore and more of a joy. We are making the deal even better this Women’s Day by gifting you 20% off these 3 wonderful products. Read on and see why you should gift the women in your life with one of three wonderful products on sale.


A Special Women's Day Offer on Aspiron's Canister Vacuum Cleaner: CA034

At Aspiron we are celebrating the beauty of keeping your home as beautiful and clean as you! Now your home can truly be a reflection of you with the Aspiron 22,000PA Canister Vacuum Cleaner – now with an exclusive 20% off! Let's dive into the features that make this cleaning essential a game-changer for the modern, empowered woman.


  • Power and Precision Unleashed

The Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful ally in your quest for a clean and comfortable living space. You can adjust its suction power based on the type of floor you’re cleaning, you can clean an astounding 99.9% of daily dirt and dust from your hard floors, carpets, crevices, and even your sofa. It’s armed with a HEPA filter which gives you clean air output, reducing the chances of indoor air pollution. Making your home a healthy and safe haven.


  • Effortless Manoeuvrability

This canister vacuum is lightweight making it easy to carry around while you clean, any woman can carry it up a flight of stairs as you clean without feeling exhausted. The 16ft long power cord also means you can clean a large room without having to stop and look for an alternative power outlet, and it retracts automatically at the press of a button, so you can store it hassle-free. Its telescopic metal wand allows you to reach heights of up to 9ft for a thorough house clean with minimum effort.


  • Versatility for Every Surface

The Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner is capable of cleaning various surfaces with ease. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hardwood floor or carpet this powerful cleaner adapts to the environment you want it to clean giving you just the right amount of suction for the job.


  • Large Dust Cup For More Cleaning Time

Our canister vacuum cleaner will save you time with its large dustbin capacity. You won’t have to keep stopping to empty it every time you clean. It’s also easy to empty and is washable. This makes your cleaning time more productive and gives you more time to do what matters.


Effortless Elegance with the Aspiron Bagless Vacuum CleanerCA006

This Women's Day, Aspiron is celebrating the women who turn every chore into an art. In honor of your grace and determination, we bring you an exclusive offer on the Aspiron Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. A cleaning companion that combines power and elegance. Here are the features that make this vacuum cleaner a must-have for every empowered woman!


  • A Symphony of Cleaning Power

The Aspiron Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a harmonious blend of performance and sophistication. Its powerful suction of over 455AW/24Kpa makes cleaning a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly maintain your home without compromising on style.


  • Sleek Design, Powerful Performance

This cleaner is a beauty, with a sleek and compact design, it’s a testament to Aspiron's commitment to combining aesthetics with functionality. It’s also lightweight at only 14.9 lbs making it easy to carry around. It’s a perfect fit for the modern woman who values both efficiency and elegance.


  • Multi-Surface Mastery

This Aspiron cleaner embodies versatility, at the press of a button, you can seamlessly transition between different floor types or surfaces in your home using the different tools it comes with. It even has a pet turbo tool so you can specifically get rid of pet hair and dander from your sofa, carpets, and upholstery.


  • Advanced Filtration for a Healthy Home

It has a 3-stage filtration system so you can effectively capture all allergens in your home and make sure they’re not exhausted back into your home. It helps you create a healthier indoor environment and contributes to your overall well-being as you care for your home and loved ones.


Enjoy Powerful Steam Cleaning with Aspiron’s Multipurpose Steam Cleaner: CA019

The Aspiron Steam Cleaner is a powerful and versatile tool that will elevate the way you approach cleaning. Steam cleaning offers a more environmentally friendly approach to cleaning because it’s chemical-free. Here’s why you should get one and join in on the steam revolution.


  • Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface 

Our Canister Steam Cleaner can clean every surface in your home with ease. From floors to countertops, upholstery, and more, this cleaning powerhouse adapts to your cleaning needs, saving you time and effort. All you have to do is attach the right accessory and get ready to clean.


  • Chemical-Free Cleaning 

Our steam cleaner uses the unbeatable power of steam to give you clean and healthy spaces, the best part is, that it’s ready to clean in just 4-6 minutes. This Multipurpose Steam Cleaner uses the natural force of steam to eliminate dirt, grime, and bacteria, providing a healthier living environment for you and your whole family.


  • User-Friendly

This sleek-looking steam cleaner is super easy to use, saving you valuable time you would have spent learning how to navigate it. However, it’s not unsafe as steam can be extremely dangerous, it has a built-in child lock function to keep your little ones safe. It also has wheels to help you easily move it around.


This Women’s Day starting Mar 1 to Mar 15 celebrate yourself or the women in your life with our Women's Day specially selected products and enjoy 20% off with code: FORWOMEN20. Gift yourself innovative cleaning solutions and enjoy products designed for today’s empowered woman. Visit the Aspiron website and spoil yourself with our irresistible offers.

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