ASPIRON® Launches 3 New Powerful “Clean Tech” Products

ASPIRON® Launches 3 New Powerful “Clean Tech” Products

ASPIRON®, a leading brand in the world of cleaning technology has launched 3 new products. A 22000pa canister vacuum cleaner, a 15000pa Cordless Vacuum, and a 15-second fast-heating steam mop. Our new suite of cleaning products will clean, mop, and purify your home and redefine the way you maintain your living spaces.

ASPIRON® seamlessly integrates functionality with technology that will guarantee you a spotless home as well as a lifestyle upgrade. At the heart of our products is a desire to transform the way you perceive and engage with household chores. These 3 new products promise to be your closest allies in battling germs and pollution in your home.

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Fight Poor Indoor Air Quality with Our Canister Vacuum Cleaner: CA034

Poor indoor quality is a huge cause for concern, considering the time you spend indoors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people now spend almost 90% of their time indoors. This is an astounding statistic that emphasizes the need for truly clean spaces.

Indoor air pollutants affect your health more than you know. Dust mites are known to cause or trigger allergies, however, it’s not the dust mites but their tiny, microscopic feces. This goes to show you can’t just do surface-level cleaning, you need to have a cleaning gadget that gives you a deep clean.

  • HEPA Filtration & Low Noise Operation

Picture your home with the hum of a vacuum cleaner synonymous with the sweet smell of fresh air. That’s exactly what our dust-busting canister vacuum cleaner does; it eliminates 99.9% of dust particles while operating at under 75dB, making sure everyone including your small children or pets are unperturbed as you clean. With an advanced HEPA filtration system, you can be sure the output air is refreshing and not filled with dust, viruses, and other pollutants exhausting back into your home.

  • Deep Clean Multiple Surfaces with The Right Suction

Most people will only clean the dirt and dust that they can see, which means a whole lot of spaces are left un-cleaned. This Canister Vacuum cleaner features multi-surface deep cleaning technology. With distinctive features and a range of cleaning tools to help you clean every surface in your home.

From your carpets and rugs to your sofas or even your window crevices, this powerful cleaner has the perfect tool to clean each one. What’s best is you can easily customize the suction power for optimal cleaning.

Flexibility and Convenience as You clean with our Cordless Vacuum: CA038

If you like to clean your car and your house in equal measure, you need a cordless vacuum. Statistics show we spend on average 6% of our time in an enclosed vehicle, then we need it to be clean.

  • Easier Deep Cleaning

This ASPIRON® Handheld Cordless Vacuum cleaner brings back the flexibility you need in your cleaning routine. You don’t need to lug around heavy cords as you clean a spill from your pet’s lunch. The ASPIRON® cordless vacuum is perfect for spot cleaning. You can now quickly deal with messes as soon as you see them. You can also move from room to room as you clean without the added stress of plugging and unplugging or needing to find a convenient power outlet.

  • Convenient Storage  

Our cordless Vacuum cleaner has a fast-charging dock, which doubles up as a great storage location, it won’t take up much space in your home and means you won’t have to worry about storage especially if you have limited space.

  • Easy to Use and Maintain

This ASPIRON® cordless vacuum has a washable filter and dust cup all locked in a dustproof cup making cleaning the gadget a breeze, all you need is to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide. The vacuum has a beautiful ergonomic handle design that is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver as you clean different surfaces in your home.

Protect the Environment with Our Steam Mop: CA039

This is the perfect cleaning gadget for you if you’re looking to play your part in protecting the environment.

  • Chemical-Free Cleaning

One of the significant advantages of steam mops to our environment is that they operate just on water. With the ASPIRON® Steam mop, you can achieve a steam output of 30g per minute which removes 99.9% of grime and stains, leaving your floors impeccably clean. The best part? It only needs 15 seconds to heat up and you’re ready to clean. Since you won’t be using chemical and cleaning products you are helping the environment by reducing the environmental impact of their production, packaging, and disposal.


They use high-temperature steam to clean and sanitize surfaces without the need for additional chemical cleaners. This reduces the overall consumption of chemical cleaning products, minimizing the environmental impact of their production, packaging, and disposal.

  • Save Time and Money

Not only is this steam mop ready to clean in 15 seconds, but you also get to enjoy up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning thanks to its large water tank. That’s enough time to deep clean a large room.

This steam mop will not only save you cleaning time but money too! Since you won’t be spending money on cleaning products you save the environment as you save some bucks!

  • Healthier Living Environment

Most of the products we use to clean our homes can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, polluting your indoor air. Since the ASPIRON® steam mop is chemical-free, it helps you preserve the quality of your indoor air by avoiding the release of these potentially harmful substances, creating a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

Steam mops not only leave your home impeccably clean but also protect the environment by reducing our reliance on chemical cleaning products and minimizing packaging waste. Make the switch to a steam mop today and take a step toward an eco-friendly and more sustainable approach to cleaning your home.

Our newly launched products are available for sale on the ASPIRON® website. Be among the first shoppers and enjoy great discounts with our discount codes available on the website. Buy one of our gadgets and be ready to transform your living space into a sanctuary of freshness. It's time to breathe easy and live cleaner!

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