Clean Your Home for a Fresh Start This New Year

Clean Your Home for a Fresh Start This New Year

The holidays are now over and the gifts have been unwrapped. If you hosted a Christmas party or you’re hosting a New Year’s party it’s normal to feel like your house desperately needs a deep clean. Most people don’t know how essential it is to clean up your home after the pressure of holiday hosting. What better time to do this than the new year?  A clean home as you start the new year makes you feel like you’re starting on a clean slate, and who wouldn’t love the idea of getting rid of all the baggage and dirt as you start the year?


If you’re dreaming of a cleaner home this new year, we have you covered. Starting this December 28 and running to January 15, ASPIRON®® will be running a 20% off sale on selected cleaning gadgets. So, read on to learn how you can keep your house spotless throughout the year by cleaning smarter, not harder.


Why You Need the Perfect Cleaner This New Year

Do your carpets need a deep clean? Do you have small children or pets? These are some of the questions you need to have at the back of your mind to guide you when picking the perfect cleaning gadget. Here are a few other things to guide you when shopping for your next cleaning appliance.


Increased Productivity

Believe it or not, a cleaner and neater home can increase your productivity. It has been proven that people working or living in clean environments have better concentrations and are more productive. More productivity especially when working can mean more money. The fact that a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner will have you spending less time cleaning is also a plus!


Better Air Quality

Using a steam cleaner improves the air quality in your home because steam cleaners don’t need harsh chemicals to sanitize your home. This means they are safe for use by allergy sufferers or just anyone who loves an environment with cleaner air. If you’re shopping around for a vacuum cleaner, then the ASPIRON® AS-CA006 with 3-stage filtration is perfect for improving the air quality in your home.


One Gadget-Multiple Uses

With our products, you get to enjoy value for your money. How does the idea of getting a vacuum cleaner that will clean all the floor types in your home sound? Amazing, right? Well, that’s not all, the AS-CA006 Vacuum Cleaner can also clean your carpet, couch, mattress, and even your window blinds. All you need is to switch to the appropriate accessory with the cleaner.


Your Favourite Cleaning Appliances at 20% Off

Multipurpose Steam Cleaner AS-CA019 

Want to start the year on a fresh note? Then a thorough clean is the way to go! If you want to do it without overwhelming yourself with toxic chemicals this is the appliance for you. A steam cleaner will have your floors and other surfaces sparkling clean with just water for the steam. You can easily swipe away stubborn grease and grime as well as dust with minimal effort. Here’s why you should take advantage of this 20% off sale and get yours today.


Save Money – It’s time to come clean, how many cleaning products have you stashed away in your home? Floor cleaners, window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, the list is endless. Well, this steam cleaner can replace all these products so you never have to spend money on another cleaning product again! Think about all that free cupboard space as well. This multipurpose steam cleaner is built for targeted cleaning. Whatever the surface, you can get it clean in a matter of minutes. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the option to choose from 21 cleaning accessories!


Alleviate Allergies - Dust mites are a common allergen and can be found in most homes, this is because brooms and mops may not get to some dusty corners in your home or may just be shifting dust from one place to another. Also, allergens can hide on your bed, your children’s soft toys, or your favorite couch. This steam cleaner can clean all these items including your trash can and leave your house hygienic and dust free!


Dazzling clean for less work - Deep-cleaning your whole home this new year doesn’t have to be stressful. Our steam cleaner has a wide coverage of 11m, perfect for cleaning the whole house. It also has a large tank capacity so you won’t have to keep stopping to refill it so you can proceed with cleaning. This powerful machine also doesn’t need so much time to heat up, it’s ready to go within just 4 minutes. Lastly, it has wheels to make it easy to move it around smoothly.


Heavy-Duty Steamer AS-CA030

If you need a steam cleaner that you can count on no matter how huge the space you need to clean is, this is what you have been looking for! It’s our most powerful steam cleaner. On top of the other benefits of steam cleaning, this steamer promises to do a thorough job, thanks to its:

  • 58PSI steam pressure release: It can release high-pressure steam at a high temperature of 293°F for a truly deep clean! It does all this in just 1 minute! Assuring you save time as you clean.
  • Continuous Cleaning: Unlike most steam cleaners that require you to continually push the steam trigger button, this has the option to continually release steam when you want or you can activate the child-lock option when you need to leave the cleaner unattended mid-cleaning.
  • Easy Re-Fill: You won’t have to switch this one off to refill the water tank, you can do a quick refill as you clean and you may not even have to do a refill owing to its large water tank.


Bagless Vacuum Cleaner AS-CA006

If you are looking for a hassle-free Vacuum cleaner, our bagless option is the real deal. With the latest features like:

  • Large washable dust cup- all the components of the dust cup are washable; you can easily clean it before your next use.
  • Long power Cord & Wand – You can easily clean your ceiling and other hard-to-reach places with this vacuum cleaner, it has a 20ft power cord and comes with an adjustable wand.
  • 3-stage filtration- It’s not like any ordinary vacuum cleaner, this one has HEPA filters to guarantee you have cleaner air in your home.


Take advantage of our New Year sale and get 20% off these cleaning appliances and start your new year on a clean slate!

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