Celebrate International Pet Day and Nurture Both You and Your Furry Companion

Celebrate International Pet Day and Nurture Both You and Your Furry Companion

Pet owners know the struggle to constantly clean their pet’s hair and pet dander from furniture and upholstery. You love the joy and companionship your pets bring but having a clean home even with your furry friends is so important. At Aspiron we understand that special bond between you and your pet and this International Pet Day we’re running a sale on our appliances that help make your life as a pet owner a little easier.

From 04.12.24 to 04.24.24 use our unique Pet Day codes for huge savings on your purchases of home cleaning, and personal care products for your pets.

Struggle With Pet Hair No More with Aspiron Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: CA028

To tackle one of the main challenges pet owners face, which is pet hair everywhere. We introduce the Aspiron cordless vacuum cleaner. Our Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an essential tool to maintain a clean and healthy environment for you and your pet. It has several excellent features, and you can get a discount with code: PETCA28.

  • Lightweight for an easier cleaning job-This vacuum cleaner does not compromise on quality despite being conveniently lightweight. Weighing just 6.13 lbs., it is easy to carry around for a quick vacuum session on your couch or curtains. It boasts an effective brushless motor and a tube that extends to allow you to effortlessly clean high and other out-of-reach areas. It has truly been crafted with you in mind.
  • Stay in the know with the LED touch display- From the battery status to any clogs or blockage in the brush, this vacuum cleaner will have you informed every step of the way. With two suction systems, you are completely in control of your cleaning experience.
  • Accessories for all your surfaces-whether you want to clean your carpet or upholstery, or just your bare hardwood floor. This vacuum cleaner comes loaded with accessories to easily clean each surface.
  • 5-stage Filtration for a truly clean home-It has a HEPA filter for tiny particles, a stainless-steel mesh filter for larger dirt particles, and even a noise-reducing cyclonic filtration. You can take a deep breath and enjoy the feel of a clean, allergen-free home.

Sleep Peacefully With Our Mattress Vacuum Cleaner: CA032

Some pet owners love to share a bed with their furry friends. It’s a well-known fact that pets shed their fur or dander, the loose hairs on bedding can cause a lot of irritation, not just to you, but to your pet too. The fur can also contain other germs or bugs that can be passed onto you as you sleep and this is why you need the Aspiron mattress vacuum cleaner, shop with code: PETCA32 for extra savings.

  • Dual technology for a perfectly clean bed-The Aspiron Bed Vacuum has ultrasonic waves and LED U/V light. The dual technology ensures no allergen or dust mite is left behind. It eliminates 99.99% of dust so you can breathe easier and sleep better.
  • Efficient Filtration system- It has 2 dust cups to efficiently separate allergens, dust, and hair to avoid any blockages on the filter or compromising suction power even if you use it for longer.
  • Dehumidification for a thorough and deep clean-The Aspiron Bed Vacuum cleaner releases 149°F of heated air. This eliminates any moisture and inhibits alleged growth on your bed.
  • Aroma Pad for a fresh-smelling bed-The vacuum cleaner comes with an aroma pad, leaving your bed smelling clean for the perfect sleeping environment.

Spoil Your Pet With our Grooming Kit: PA002

As we celebrate International Pet Day, treat your pet to a well-deserved grooming session from the comfort of your home. You get to save money that you would have spent taking your pet for grooming sessions. All you have to do is buy the Aspiron pet grooming kit vacuum. The best part is you save even more when you shop between 04.12.24 and 04.24.24, just use this code PETPA2 at check out.

  • Easy to use-With this grooming kit you can collect 99% of pet hair, making it your perfect pet grooming companion. It conveniently has a self-cleaning feature which allows you to focus on spending quality time with your pet.
  • Multiple attachments for versatility-The Aspiron Pet grooming kit has adjustable combs to accommodate various pet hair lengths and styles. Whether your pet needs a trim, a touch-up, or a full grooming session, you can customize the experience to suit their needs.
  • Cleaning Brush for fabric-You can use the cleaning brush on fabric to get rid of any pet hair left on your clothes after a grooming session. Making your grooming efforts less messy and more productive.

Your handy cleaning companion: Aspiron Cordless Vacuum CA038

This handheld vacuum is perfect for those quick clean-up sessions if you need to vacuum the sofa before your guests arrive or need to vacuum the car. This handy vacuum is what you need. Shop for it on the Aspiron website and get a discount when you shop with code PETCA38.

  • Strong Suction in a Compact size-This cordless vacuum has an amazing suction power of 15000 Pa packed in a lightweight handheld model. It can capture 99.9% of dust for an efficient cleaning experience what’s more, it has low noise levels, so you won’t have to worry about startling your pet.
  • Fast Charging for Efficiency-This cordless vacuum has dual ports for fast charging, it also has a charging dock for added convenience and storage when you’re done charging. Whether you're tackling a quick clean-up or a deep cleaning session, you can count on the Aspiron Cordless Vacuum to deliver reliable performance every time.
  • Attachment heads for targeted cleaning-this vacuum has two detachable brush heads, making it efficient for you to thoroughly clean any surface. From hardwood floors to carpets, upholstery, and more, the Aspiron Cordless Vacuum will remove dirt and debris effortlessly, leaving your home sparkling clean.

Taking care of your pet nurtures the bond between you. With our innovative products, you will strengthen the bond between you and your pets while maintaining a clean and healthy environment in your home.

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