Born in France in 1925, as a brand of Paris-Rhone, Aspiron was one of the pioneers that specializing in the design and manufacture of household cleaning, consisting of two major categories: vacuum cleaners and steam products, with the mission of providing superior-quality household cleaning appliances at an affordable price, and bringing maximum efficiency, relaxation, and happiness to Aspiron customers and consumers worldwide.

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The Product of Aspiron

You may feel annoying about your naughty children messing up your clean floor; you maybe feel worried about spilling the coffee on your new carpet; you may see your pet's fur are all over your house. No worries, Aspiron is made to help you solve all these kinds of anxiety efficiently and save your time to enjoy better living.

Responding to a broad spectrum of requirements, Aspiron contributes effectively to vacuum industry innovation and improved productivity. Vacuum cleaners and steam cleaning appliances are Asprion’s two major product ranges. As for the vacuum cleaners, four featured Aspiron vacuum product lines: Stick Vacuum, Canister Vacuum, Upright Vacuum, and Electric Spin Scrubber have been in hot sales and receiving considerable acclaim in the market. Furthermore, multi-purpose vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning vacuums are in the exciting planning stages.

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Moreover, the Aspiron steam cleaning product line is classified into the steam mop and garment steamer. Discard the defect of traditional top, Aspiron steam mop has gathered the merits of both floor cleaning and drying quickly, the mop angle is also adjustable, which is specially designed for multi-places cleaning. Furthermore, it is capable of removing stubborn stains and sticky messes quickly with 230°F hot steam, great for all homes with pets and babies

Aspiron New Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

What are the intelligent features of Aspiron new wet & dry vacuum cleaner? Alvin Toffler said 'Technology is the great growling engine of change There is no doubt that technology makes life easier and convenient to a certain degree. With the same vision, Aspiron constantly focuses on the concerns of 'Convenience, Simplification, and Cleanness' that it can bring to its customers.

Firstly, Aspiron new wet & dry vacuum cleaner can widely be applied on tile, wood floors, linoleum, rubber mat, laminate surface, etc. In addition, Aspiron wet & dry vacuum cleaners are specially designed for dry and wet separation and auto cleaning. All the components of the dust except the outlet filter are washable, which is hands-free for you to clean.  Moreover, concerning the modern lifestyle that more and more people are pet owners or children are easy to mess up the house accidentally, Aspiron vacuums are also specially designed for high-power cleaning and silent system without the noisy distraction to you and your family, and you can use cleaning solution in the vacuum to maintain the height of your house. In addition to cleaning, an intelligent voice system, and LED screen are also applied on Aspiron vacuums, you can search for guidance, and receive cleaning reminders, cleaning reports, and other information from the Aspiron intelligent voice-activated personal assistant.

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The mission and vision of Aspiron

Aspiron is committed to making cleaning more efficient and effortless, dedicated to making innovative and superior-quality cleaning appliances, and bring maximum convenience to our customers worldwide. Our professional and dedicated designers have built a strong bond. They live with passion, cherish time spent with family, and always seek out how to improve the quality of day-to-day life. Everyone at Aspiron makes a concerted effort to design and build innovative cleaning appliances that clean homes with minimal time and effort, so we can spend more time with family in a clean, healthy living environment. In the future, Aspiron will continue cultivating the smart vacuum industry, get constant lectures about consumer needs and market trends, research and develop more innovative vacuums, and provide technical support and quality service for the people worldwide to live more efficiently and happily.

More Context about Parent Brand Paris-Rhone

Founded in 1915, Paris Rhône is devoted to creating products to add convenience to customers' daily life and improve their life quality of then. Over 100 years have passed, and we, at Paris Rhône, are still dedicated to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced products to our customers around the world. We design smart and easy-to-use home appliances with the future in our mind

With accumulative experiences focusing on electronic appliance technology development, Paris-Rhone applies technology to the innovation, design, and manufacture of electronic products, and built its first vacuum cleaner brand ‘Aspiron’ in 1925, Aspiron became one of the most well-known vacuum cleaner brands in the 20s. In addition to Aspiron, Paris-Rhone also owns Evatonic, Sympa, and is dedicated to providing innovative, professional as well as a user-friendly household appliance to the consumer worldwide.