ASPIRON® Vacuum: The Game-Changing Cleaning Companion for Busy Parents

ASPIRON® Vacuum: The Game-Changing Cleaning Companion for Busy Parents

The demands of modern parenting are unrelenting between juggling a career, school pickups, extracurricular activities, and meal preps. It’s easy for the never-ending household chores to overwhelm you. With time and energy at an all-time low, you need a hassle-free cleaning companion. ASPIRON® Vacuums provide you with the latest in cleaning technology, so your household cleaning is bound to get faster and easier.


The ASPIRON® Vacuum is a multipurpose cleaning appliance, designed to clean not only your floors but multiple other surfaces as well. You can easily integrate these cleaners into your daily routine seamlessly. Whether you need to do a thorough deep clean or just want to quickly tidy up your home, an ASPIRON® Vacuum can simplify and speed up the process for you.


In today’s blog we explore how an ASPIRON® Vacuum is a game-changer for busy parents, we guarantee you a clean home and newfound freedom to focus on what matters, creating lifetime memories with your family and loved ones.


Ingenious Features of the ASPIRON® Vacuum

As technology advances, household chores are now easier to manage. ASPIRON® Vacuums have been designed with the busy parent in mind, here are the innovative features that make our vacuum cleaners stand out.


  • Mega Suction for Powerful cleaning

Imagine yourself on a busy day of parenting then you spot a pile of crumbs and spilled snacks, instead of lugging a heavy cumbersome old vacuum, you pick the AS-CA035 Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum, and you clean up the mess in a breeze, thanks to its mega suction. Even if the mess spills over to your carpet, this vacuum cleaner works perfectly on low-pile carpets. Even if you find your dear furry friend has shed his fur all over your favorite couch, you don’t need professional cleaners, the Lightweight ASPIRON® AS-CA006 1200W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has a pet turbo tool to specifically handle pet hair removal.


  • Variety of Attachments for Multi-surface Cleaning


When you have some guests coming over soon, and need to add that extra sparkle and shine to your home the AS-CA019 Steam cleaner, promises you a clean home in a matter of minutes and that’s not all, through the power of steam, your home will also be sanitized of any bacteria. Leaving you with a fresh and clean space to host your guests. What’s more this steam cleaner has 21 accessories to clean any surface or any corner that may need to be tidied up. For a proper thorough clean, the AS-CA035 Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum also has a flexible brush head to easily get under the couch and other hard-to-reach corners, because it’s lightweight you can use it to easily clean high surfaces like your ceiling fan, so you’re sure the air in your home is fresh.

  • Long Power Cords for Whole Home Cleaning

Once you start cleaning, you don’t want to keep stopping to access a closer power outlet, especially when you’re on a tight schedule. Those minutes add up. The long power cords are a favorite feature among most shoppers. The AS-CA019 for example covers a cleaning radius of 11m, while the AS-CA006 and the AS-CA035 each have a 20ft long power cord. Time-saving is at the heart of ASPIRON® Vacuum design, you can comfortably clean multiple rooms without switching from one power outlet to another giving you more time to work on other things.


How ASPIRON® Vacuum Can Help Busy Parents

Still on the fence about getting an ASPIRON® Vacuum, here are some of the great ways it can help you as a busy parent:

Maintaining a Tidy Home

When you’re a busy parent, maintaining a tidy home can feel like a far-fetched dream. With a whole host of other things on your to-do list, it can be hard to have a clean house, but from these buyer testimonials on the AS-CA019 Steam cleaner, it’s possible.


 “Made cleaning a breeze, with its nice long cord and simple, helpful attachments…” – IMHO


Another buyer Mrs. W said, “The attachments are easy to switch, and my kids like using it…”

Cleaning up after meal times

This is one of the secrets to easy home cleaning, if you quickly clean up after meals either with a lightweight vacuum or a steam cleaner for the greasy cooktops, then you have less to clean the next day. However, cleaning appliances has to be easy else just the thought of lugging around a heavy appliance is enough to put you off cleaning. One buyer shared his experience firsthand with the AS-CA035 


“Surprised to have such power in a lightweight vacuum”- Anthony


Picking up crumbs and spilled snacks

Crumbs and spilled snacks are never-ending in a home with kids, so having a vacuum cleaner you can easily get out and clean with is a welcome relief to any parent. This buyer understands this all too well and was happy with their purchase of the lightweight stick vacuum cleaner.


“I need to clean up small spills and dirty spots so many times, without dragging out a huge vacuum cleaner, this does the job…”- Azlaan


Removing pet hair from floors and furniture

When you have a furry pet, their hair can get everywhere, so getting a vacuum cleaner that will easily deal with the mess is a welcome relief. As one buyer of the AS-CA006 found out.

“I’m very impressed, it exceeded my expectations in removing dog hair…”- Christian

Vacuuming car interiors on a busy day

Parents with young and some even not-so-young children end up with messy cars that can be quite an eyesore if not cleaned up. But thanks to ASPIRON® Vacuum cleaning your car interior is easier. A buyer reviewed the steam cleaner saying:


“I’ve used it on everything including my car’s interior, the attachments ensure no cleaning task is too challenging…”- Jack


ASPIRON® Vacuums have a user-friendly design with intuitive controls making them easy to use. The attachments are also easy to switch.


To sum up, ASPIRON ® Vacuums guarantee:

  • Mega suction
  • Variety of attachments
  • Longer cords
  • User-friendly design
  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvrability


So, if you are a busy parent wondering how to maintain a clean home with kids, get an ASPIRON® Vacuum and enjoy all these benefits and more.

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