Before And After Thanksgiving Cleaning: Tackle Turkey Day Cleaning with an Aspiron® Vacuum Cleaner

Before And After Thanksgiving Cleaning: Tackle Turkey Day Cleaning with an Aspiron® Vacuum Cleaner

Do you get the honor of hosting this year’s Thanksgiving holiday dinner? From entertainment to decor and, of course, food, it can all be a lot to handle. Not to mention the added pressure of deep cleaning.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and procrastinating will only make things worse. To help, we’ve developed a cleaning guide to help you get ahead of your cleaning as you prepare for Thanksgiving. We’ll also show you how Aspiron® vacuums make life easier. Read on for our guide on how to have your home shining for the holidays.

Pre-Thanksgiving Preparations with Your Vacuum Cleaner

Household Cleaning and Preparation

Cleaning your house before hosting your guests may seem unnecessary, especially considering the house will be filled with food and guests. However, some pre-thanksgiving chores like cleaning some rooms cannot be ignored. With Thanksgiving being a few weeks away, you still have some time to do some deep cleaning.

As part of your Thanksgiving preparations, you can follow the steps below:

  • Scan through and declutter common areas where guests will mingle.
  • With a good dust-eliminating vacuum cleanergo through all common areas as well as your furniture. Be sure there are extra foldable chairs so there is enough seating for guests.
  • The Aspiron Bagless Vacuumis great for Spot-cleaning your couch for any stubborn stains.
  • Use the adjustable wand on thisvacuum to reach cobwebs on your ceiling
  • Scrub your guest or main bathroom and make sure it’s well stocked with plenty of toilet paper, towels, and soap.
  • When cleaning floors remember to clean underneath the furniture. For this, you’d need theAspiron Bagless Vacuum that has a flexible brush head.

Time and Energy Saver

When cleaning, it’s obvious to always be on the lookout for time-saving appliances. All you need is the right cleaning tool, and a good Vacuum cleaner is all you need.

It is often recommended you dust before running the vacuum, however, if your vacuum cleaner has the right dusting tools, this is not necessary. The  Aspiron Bagless Vacuum has the following attachments and features to save you time and energy:

  • A crevice nozzle

This attachment is perfect for tight spaces, and narrow gaps, it can also clean corners around your home and car interiors thoroughly.

  • Small Dust Brush

This attachment works best for spot cleaning and dusting specific areas. It’s also ideal for cleaning your electronics and other delicate items that may be otherwise hard to clean.

  • Upholstery Brush

With this brush, you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing your seats or carpet. It effectively tackles dust and debris while maintaining the appearance of your upholstery.

  • Large (3.7QT) Dust Cup

It also has a larger dust cap, to ensure longer cleaning times without breaks to empty the dust cup.

The Role of Your Vacuum Cleaner in Thanksgiving Celebrations

Cleaning Food Preparation Areas

When preparing food for guests you want to make sure your surface is as clean as possible. So that there’s no risk of your guests falling ill. To reduce the chances of food getting contaminated you need to do proper cleaning of your cooking and food-prep areas before and after the preparations.

A steam cleaner is the ideal tool for when you want a sanitary environment. This is because with brooms and mops, there are some challenges; sweeping, does not eliminate dust, you just move it around. Mopping introduces water which is a thriving ground for bacteria if not dried well.

A steam cleaner with advanced filtering technology like the Aspiron Steam Cleaner is perfect for deep cleaning your kitchen and dining areas. Here’s why:

  • It blasts away dirt, grease, and grime, killing bacteria and leaving your kitchen clean and sanitary.
  • It has a high-powered 1400W motor that can thoroughly clean any surface including your cooker burners, stains on your wall tiles, glass windows, and even your sofas and curtains.

Post-Celebration Cleanup

Once the party’s over, take some time to pat yourself on the back, you pulled off Thanksgiving without a hitch! Try to do a quick cleanup before you go to bed, so you’ll have fewer things to clean up the next day.

A steam cleaner is perfect for those spills and crumbs so take yours out and go through your sofa, floor, kitchen and even to clear up nasty bathroom messes. Once you do this, cleaning up the next day won’t be so overwhelming.

The next day you can now use a canister vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning, this is the ultimate vacuum cleaner for a sparkling home. It has strong cleaning power, with 3 suction settings for specialized cleaning, you can choose between the 3 options depending on whether you want low power to clean sensitive surfaces, medium power for hard floors, upholstery, and carpets, or maximum power for some heavy-duty cleaning.

Expressing Gratitude for Your Vacuum Cleaner

Maintenance and Care

It’s not surprising if you feel grateful for the cleaning shortcuts your Vacuum cleaner allows you to enjoy. The best way to thank it is to keep it in great shape with frequent care and maintenance.

Here’s a quick guide for maintaining your vacuum cleaner.

  • For bagged vacuum cleaners, check and clean the bag, or empty the dust cup.
  • Wash or replace filters.
  • Clean your accessories including brushes and nozzles.
  • Wipe parts down with a damp cloth and let damp parts dry in the sun for 24 hours.
  • Check for clogs and clean by hand, compressed air, or with a pipe cleaner.
  • Inspect the cords and store them well so you can pick them up next time you need to clean.

Saving Time and Effort

A clean vacuum cleaner will function better and save you time and effort you would have otherwise had to use to scrub down your house manually. To maintain the vacuum cleaner and it will serve you for years to come.

Thoughtful Vacuum Cleaner Selection

There are many vacuums in the market, so deciding which one to use depends on the intended use. Here are a few considerations to ensure you can make the right choice:

  • Consider the size of the space, type of flooring, and how often you’ll want to clean. This will guide you on the motor, and size as well as portability of the vacuum cleaner you pick.
  • Consider your budget.
  • Check reviews from others who have bought the one you’re eyeing.

With the right vacuum cleaner, you can effectively and efficiently clean your home, ensuring you have a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

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