How often should we run the vacuum cleaner each week?

How often should we run the vacuum cleaner each week?

Cleaning your home regularly may not be your favorite household chore. However, a dirty floor can be an eye sore, and grime and grit build-up can cause permanent damage to your flooring and possibly wear out your carpets and rugs. Not to mention how dust and other bacteria found in the home can pose health challenges. Food particles also left for long can encourage the growth of mold and mildew which may attract household pests.

So cleaning up your home regularly is a non-negotiable. Luckily, vacuuming makes the cleaning job less strenuous. So you might be wondering how often you need to run your vacuum cleaner each week. While there is no standard vacuuming schedule for every home, your weekly vacuuming frequency will depend on several factors like; how many people live in your home, if you have any pets, if you have children crawling or spending a lot of time on the floor. Whether you have a hard floor, or if your home is mostly carpeted. Read on to find out how often you need to vacuum based on your specific home.

The Benefits of Vacuuming

Keep Your Home Clean

The benefits of vacuuming are many; it is among the most efficient and effective ways to have a clean home. Homes get dirty and therefore need to be cleaned from time to time. Whether you have a tiled or carpeted floor or any other floor type it is bound to get dirty.

The only way to keep your home clean is by frequent vacuuming. With advancing technology, there is a vacuum cleaner for almost every floor and need. Whether you want a lightweight cordless vacuum, or you want a vacuum for your carpet and hard floors, or you need a vacuum that easily cleans pet hairĀ and dander? You can get exactly the vacuum you need, leaving even the dirtiest nook and crevice in your home sparkling clean.

Maintaining home cleanliness is not only good for the aesthetics, itā€™s also good for your health.

Increase Your Health

YouĀ might be wondering how vacuuming can increase or improve your health, well, many people have to live with allergies; sneezing, watery eyes, and sniffling which may make it difficult to get through the day. There are millions of tiny germs and microbes floating around your home, there may be mites, bacteria, and mold as well which if left to grow can trigger allergies or even cause sickness.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with them is vacuuming. Vacuuming your floors with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filterĀ traps tiny dust particles and other allergens found in the home, and expels clean air making it ideal for a healthy home. Therefore regular vacuuming can significantly reduce your allergies, thereby positively impacting your health.

Enhance The Air Quality

When weā€™re asleep we have a steadier and decreased breathing rate is steadier and decreased respiratory rate. Therefore, your indoor air quality matters as much when you are asleep just as when you are awake. With a vacuum with anĀ advancedĀ filtration system like the Aspiron Cordless Vacuum CleanerĀ which has 5-stage filtration, you donā€™t have to worry about developing breathing issues.

Aside from the clean feel of a vacuumed home, being sure that your family is breathing clean air and has reduced chances of getting sick is priceless.

How Many Times a Week Should We Vacuum?

As a busy homeowner, you may wonder if weekly vacuuming is good enough for your home. Or how many times a week you should vacuum? Well, you may have kids and notice food specks on the floor that need frequent cleaning, or pets that may leave hair that needs to be vacuumed every other day.

You may have a carpet or have high-traffic areas in your home such as the living room. Whatever the uniqueness of your home setup, weā€™re here to guide you on its vacuuming needs.

Hardwood Floor - Vacuum Weekly

If your floors are hardwood, they need to be vacuumed weekly. This is ideal because hardwood flooring needs to be kept dry. Vacuuming hardwood floors every day may damage the boards, using a Vacuum for hard floorsĀ just once a week will do.

Tile Floor - Vacuum Everyday

Tile floors need more cleaning, they need to be vacuumed every day. This is because grease and grime can get stuck in the tile grovesĀ or accumulate in grout lines, and corners. Which when left over time can be much harder to clean.

A good Vacuum like the Aspiron cordless vacuum cleanerĀ with crevice tools and a swivel to reach corners and other cracks and crevices is best for your tiled floor.

Carpet Floor - Vacuum Twice Weekly

Any floor with fabric like a carpet or rug will need frequent vacuuming. Dust often settles deep into carpet floor fibers, meaning your carpet may be holding onto bacteria or pollutants that can give your house unwanted smells.

Carpet floors should be vacuumed at least twice a week even when they donā€™t look dirty. Use a vacuum cleaner with great suction power, like the Aspiron Canister Vacuum CleanerĀ which conveniently comes with a turbo tool tailored to clean your carpet effortlessly.

Vacuum Daily If You Have Pets

Pet owners know how much pets shed their fur, what you may not know is that the fur is lingering with thousands of allergens. Thatā€™s why itā€™s important to vacuum every day as a pet owner. Ā 

Using the right tools for pet dander and hair when vacuuming will make your cleaning more efficient. For a perfect clean, invest in the Aspiron canister vacuum cleanerĀ that has a special turbo tool for pets, itā€™s designed to pick up pet hair without a hassle, leaving your space clean and safe.

Vacuum High-traffic Spaces Every Day

High-traffic areas in your home are where you and your family spend the most time. So that may be your living room, walkway, home office, kitchen, or bedroom. You will need to vacuum these areas daily.


When you walk into your home, you walk in with dirt from outside and bring it into your living room, that is why you need to clean it daily. A lightweight vacuumĀ may come in handy if you have several high-traffic areas in your home.


Vacuuming can be boring or tiring and you might be tempted to skip it. However itā€™s extremely important as it not only protects your carpets and floors and helps them last longer, it also protects your health.

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