Upgrade Your Holiday Cleaning with Vacuum Cleaner Discounts this Christmas

Upgrade Your Holiday Cleaning with Vacuum Cleaner Discounts this Christmas

The festive season is here with us, with Christmas right around the corner it's time to start planning for the holiday festivities, and that includes a lot of thorough cleaning. Everyone wants a clean and cozy home to relax and host for the holidays.

Whether you're tidying up to host family and friends, wondering how you will deal with post-celebration cleanup, or just want to elevate your cleaning game, a new vacuum cleaner will make your home cleaner and life easier. Hosting at the most special time of the year is magical, however, being ready to deal with any messes that may arise is not so magical.

Fortunately, you can enjoy great savings this Christmas on a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, each unique to your budget or specific cleaning needs. Read on to discover why now is the perfect time to think about getting a vacuum cleaner upgrade from Aspiron.

Our Christmas sale has great deals on Vacuum cleaners of up to 20% off and will be running from December 7 to 27 giving you all the time you need to shop. Here are our top picks for you to choose from.

Steam Cleaners at 20% off:

Multipurpose Portable Heavy Duty Steamer: AS-CA030

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to a more environmentally friendly cleaning method. Steam cleaners are the perfect solution for your space. Steam cleaners don't just stop at cleaning, they are one of the most effective ways to sanitize your floor and other surfaces.

They are certainly a must-have for anyone struggling with allergies this holiday season. The AS-CA030 cleaner is touted as Aspiron’s most versatile steam cleaner, with 14 attachments to clean your living spaces, car, kitchen space, hobs and burners, carpets, bathroom, curtains, and even toys it certainly is multi-functional.

This cleaner will be selling at 20% off, and it’s perfect for any holiday host. You can enjoy the party with your guests knowing how easily you can clean any spills or stains; it only needs 70 seconds to heat up! It’s also perfect for that thorough deep clean, a few days before your guests arrive.

Portable Multipurpose Steam Cleaner: AS-CA019

This steam cleaner has even more accessories, giving you an array of cleaning options without the need for a variety of cleaning gadgets. It has a large 50.7oz tank which can provide up to 50 minutes of steaming time, enough time to clean your home.

This multi-purpose cleaner has 360° rolling wheels making moving around a breeze as you clean, it also has a lengthy 3m cord and 1.5m hose meaning you won’t have to lug it around when cleaning different rooms or surfaces. It is safe to use around children, with a built-in child lock function and a temperature control function.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners at 20% off:

Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner: AS-CA006 

When choosing a Canister Vacuum cleaner all you need to ask yourself is how you want to clean dirt and debris when you’re done cleaning. With this bagless vacuum cleaner, you’re sure to make savings, and we’re not just talking about the 20% off. You get to save on money you would have used on replacing the bags.

With the AS-CA006 you get a washable dust cup, all you have to do is detach the dust container empty and rinse it once it’s full. We know tidying a home with pets is hard enough, that’s why this vacuum cleaner has a pet turbo tool to tackle pet hair and dander on your carpet, bed, or sofa.

With this vacuum cleaner, you can clean anywhere, so you don’t have to stress over food crumbs from your guests eating on the sofa or spills on the floor.

Bagged Canister Vacuum: AS-CA029

For those who prefer more traditional cleaning options, that have stood the test of time then this bagged vacuum cleaner is perfect for you. It also has a pet turbo tool for pet owners. It is a powerful 1300W vacuum cleaner with 25kPa suction to eliminate 99.9% of dust in your home, but it doesn’t stop there. It has 4-stage filtration to trap the dust and expel clean air. So not only do you have a sparkling home but it’s healthier too!

It has a 20ft cord, ideal for cleaning large spaces without carrying the canister vacuum around. However, you don’t have to bother about winding up the cord once done, the automatic cord rewind function does it all for you. You’ll also be thrilled to know that the dust bag is easy to empty and remove. You can choose to empty the trapped dirt directly, reducing the frequency of replacing the dust bag and saving you money.

20% off Carpet Cleaner Machine: AS-CA031

If you’ve been looking for a steam-free cleaning option for your carpet, we have just the tool for you! Our carpet cleaner comes with 2 tools: one for dealing with large stains and another for smaller stains. It’s perfect for your carpet cleaning but also does an amazing job of cleaning other fabrics like sofas, car seats, mattresses, curtains, and many more.

It’s easy to carry around so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your carpeted stairs. It’s also compact making it easy to store.

10% off Negative-Ionic Hair Dryer: AS-PCA001

A holiday party is not ready until its host is. That is why you need this hair dryer; it uses negative ions to give you less frizz and shiny hair in 50% less time. It is also portable and lightweight making a great holiday gift for your loved ones. This hair-dryer caters to all your hair-drying needs with 4 settings, you can choose if you want it warm, cold, hot, or cycling.

It has an innovative noise reduction technology that reduces its noise to 59dB while operating. It works by releasing 200 million negative ions to enhance your hair’s natural shine while helping you fight frizz.

Treat yourself and your guests to a cleaner home this holiday season. Upgrade your vacuum cleaner and make your holiday planning and post-party cleanup easier and efficient, so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the festivities.

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