Top Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Top Tips: How to Clean and Maintain Your Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning, there are plenty of options specializing in cleaning different surfaces in the market. The invention of wet and dry vacuum cleaners takes daily chores to a new level. Why is this? It is simple because wet/dry cleaner is a perfect tool for efficiently vacuuming up and mopping dry dust, liquids, small debris and many others without any hassle. Unlike a robot vacuum or other regular vacuums that can only handle dry messes, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an all-in-one product for deep-cleaning all kinds of messes on any surface: hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, and laminated floors. It makes housekeeping so much easier for families who have kids or pets at home. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

However, some people doubt its durability and worry about the difficulty in maintaining and cleaning a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Here are some tips to help you. 

Unplug your wet/dry vacuum cleaner when charging is completed

Charging your electronics overnight is a common mistake that people do to electronic devices. It is possible to pose a hazard to your family and home since the battery can get overheated or overcharged a poor-quality vacuum cleaner may lead to the risk of fire. In addition, overcharging your wet/dry vacuum cleaner may reduce battery life in the long term. Therefore, this is significant in prolonging product lifespan.

Clean tanks after use

With a wet/dry vac, the tank collects dirty water when handling wet messes. If the tanks are left unclean over time, dirt, dust, debris, mold and harmful bacteria can build up in the water tank. When they float on the water, it is likely to block the air duct. Moreover, food waste, milk spills, and pet pee are hard to clean and may leave stubborn marks in the water tank. As a result, you should empty the water tank and clean it with washing liquid after use.

Clean brush rolls when it is needed

Dirty brush rolls can easily spread dirt and bacteria to all surfaces they are in touch with. You may come across your wet and dry vacuum cleaner leaving water streaks and marks on the surface due to unclean or worn brush rolls. You should follow these steps to clean your brush rolls. After detaching your brush rolls, you can gently wash and scrub the bristles with mild detergent to help remove the debris. To kill bacteria, diluted vinegar can be applied to wipe the brush bristles.

For the cleaning frequency, it depends on what type of mess it tackles and how often you use it. Without cleaning and drying the brush rolls properly, it is likely to leave a mold smell and odor after vacuuming and mopping food spills. Therefore, brush rolls should be cleaned and replaced whenever it is needed. 

Clean Filters

Filters capturing dust pollen, smoke, and bacteria particles will pile up and clog over time, eventually leading to low suction power and damage to your vacuum cleaner. Most wet/dry vacuums in the market come with washable filters so washing the filter regularly can help reduce the incurring replacement cost in the long run. Make sure you take the filter out after reading the user manual and wait until it is dry thoroughly before you place them back. To maintain the top performance of the vacuum cleaning system, you should consider replacing the filters every six to nine months based on your cleaning frequency.

Easy Cleaning and Maintaining with ASPIRON Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

You should have an idea of how to clean and maintain your wet and dry vacuum cleaner after reading these tips. These may give you a headache. But don’t worry. Aspiron presents this powerful wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop which makes house cleaning and maintenance no longer a trouble for you. Let me introduce its thoughtful design and outstanding features to you.

Dual Tank Design

The dual tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, so a fresh mix of formula and water is always used for surface cleaning. There is no need to carry a heavy water bucket around with a traditional mop. The 20.3oz clean water tanks and 18.6oz dirty water tanks are large enough to minimize the frequency of refilling and emptying the tanks. Dry and wet messes are also separated so it reduces the possibility of blocking the pipes when emptying wet messes. 

Self-Cleaning and Auto-Drying Technology

This vacuum comes with two detachable brushes: a soft-bristle for hard floors to mop wet messes and a hard-bristle brush for carpets and vacuum dry messes. With real-time rinsing, the rolling mopping brush is kept clean and never leaves streaks or stains on the floor.

Once you have completed the cleaning tasks, simply place this vacuum back on the charging stand and press a button to start self-cleaning. In the self-cleaning mode, this vacuum cleans the brush rolls with the cleaning formula that comes with to eliminate smell and odors of your vacuum. Then the auto-drying process will start to make sure the brush roll is dry and ready for the next use. With no touch to the dirty brush rolls, Aspiron Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop takes care of itself and frees your hands from frequently washing brush rolls. 

Extended Battery life

With a maximum of 35-minute runtime, you can easily complete a throughout floor cleaning using this cordless vacuum cleaner without being interrupted by battery issues. It only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge and its handy LED screen will keep you in the loop of its battery status.

Voice Prompts

Having trouble remembering to maintain your vacuum cleaners? The built-in voice assistant and LED screen provide helpful maintenance reminders. Acting like a smart assistant, this vacuum will inform you when you should clean rolls, filters and tanks, and charging is completed, and alarm you of any unusual status of your device. As long as you follow the voice attempts, you can easily troubleshoot and maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is easier than you think. If you are considering buying or upgrading your vacuum to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, I am sure that you will put Aspiron wet dry vacuum and mop on the top of your list. Order now to clean your home like a pro and maintain your device like a breeze.

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