Fall Cleaning Guide 2022: Checklist, Tips and Tools

Fall Cleaning Guide 2022: Checklist, Tips and Tools

Fall has arrived and winter is not far away from now. When the weather gets chilly, we tend to spend major time indoors. It is time to freshen each room of your house and make your home a pleasant place to stay by cleaning and organizing your space. We have a handy fall cleaning checklist to guide you through the whole house cleaning procedure.

Living room & Bedrooms

Wash the curtains & cushion cover

Curtains and cushion cover gathers dust and absorb odors over time. Vacuuming them can reduce the dust every month but it is time to take them off for better cleaning. Do remember to check the wash label for the water temperature and materials before popping them into the washing machine. Dry cleaning or handwashing with mild detergent is a safe option.

Dry dusting

Use a soft cloth or feather duster to clear out the dust. Areas like cornices, picture rails, and curtain rods, are easy to miss in your daily cleaning routine so you should pay attention to them now. You should be extra careful with electronics. Unplugging them before cleaning for safety and never spraying water on them are essential. For the TV screen, you can wipe the screen with a soft microfiber cloth in an up-and-down motion, instead of circular. You can lightly moisten the cloth if stubborn marks are hard to remove.Ā 

Window and mirror cleaning

Buffing up your window and mirrors can brighten up your rooms. People often come across water streaks after wiping the windows and mirrors. How to avoid it? First, simply by mixing it with warm water to wipe on a glass surface and remove the dirt. Then, squeegee the window to dry. In the end, you should use newspaper to absorb any leftover cleaning streaks for the best outcome.

Floor cleaning

Vacuuming and mopping floors with a cleaning formula is a must to keep your floor shine. Also, it depends on your floor materials. Especially for hardwood floors, over-moisture can damage the floor so instant dry afterward can prevent swelling and cracks. For carpets and rugs, it is better to wash in order to get rid of stubborn marks.Ā 


Organize your cabinets and replace the shelf liners

To keep your kitchenware and food away from harmful bacteria, you should take out all items from your cabinets first and wipe surfaces with liquid dish soap and warm water. Shelf liners are recommended to be replaced every two to three years to give your kitchen a bit of new color and style.

Clean and organize the refrigerator

Clearing out overdue items regularly is key to keeping your refrigerator hygienic. For deep cleaning, you can wash all the shelves and wipe the surface with antibacterial, especially the door gasket which is often ignored. Besides, donā€™t forget about the condenser coils on the back or bottom of the refrigerator since it helps save your energy bills. Using a vacuum cleaner with a crevice nozzle is perfect to tackle these hard-to-reach places.Ā Ā 

Wipe your stove, wall tiles and sink

Grease, grime and food debris tend to build up in your stove and wall tiles over time and get even harder to clean. Most importantly, your kitchen sink where leftover food and other residues can lead to odor and insects.Ā 

Sometimes, water and cleaning spray fails to dissolve hardened grease no matter how hard you wipe on it. Vinegar or baking soda is safe to use and helps remove oil and grime.Ā 

Floor cleaning

Keeping your kitchen tiles clean is a fairly low-maintenance task. Since it gets dirty easily with spilled liquid or food, you can mop it with warm water with a bit of soap daily to maintain.Ā 


Scrub every corner

Germs love to grow and party in your bathroom due to their high moisture level. Also, flushing the toilet with its lid open would facilitate the spread of some aerosolized microbes. Therefore, you should scrub every corner in your bathroom to make it sparkling clean and smell fresh. Apart from the bathtub, sink, countertop, toilet and mirror, the door handle, air vents, light switch and towel racks should not be left behind.Ā 

To remove stubborn bathroom stains and black mold, vinegar and baking soda would be helpful.

Make your floor stainless

You should sweep dust and dirt and collect them with toilet paper since a vacuum should be applied on a completely dry floor. Then you damp-mop your floor with a soft cloth and water mixed with mild soap. In the end, a microfiber towel can be used to absorb the water left on surfaces.

Wash your bathmat

Excessive dirt and debris, such as hair, should be picked up or shaken off. If there are stains on the bathmat, they should be treated with stain remover. You can check the wash label first before deciding to hand wash or address it with a washing machine.

Easy Cleaning Empowered by ASPIRONĀ® Cutting-edge Products

Aspiron team is dedicated to innovative and superior-quality cleaning appliances to maximize your convenience. Letā€™s take a look at our top-rated products and how they simplify your fall cleaning procedure.

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Easy wet and dry mess removal:Ā This cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner enables you to sweep, vacuum and mop all at once. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can remove wet and dry messes in one go and efficiently save your time on repeated work and switching different cleaning tools.Ā 

Smart technology with wide applications:Ā It is the best vacuum cleaner to clean tiles, carpets and laminated floors at 99.99% cleaning efficiency, even for bathrooms. Sometimes cleaning the mop head and wipes can be an exhausting job. The real-time rinsing and auto cleaning & drying features keep its brush clean and hygienic without getting dirt on your hands.Ā No nasty smells or streaks is left on the floor.

Thoughtful reminder design:Ā It helps you clean smart with an LED display and voice reminds you when water is low, a tank or filter needs to be cleaned, battery status and work mode. With a 35-minute runtime, this vacuum cleaner ensures all messes are handled with one full charge.

Order a cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner to save your time on cleaning!

Electric Spin Scrubber

Designed with an extendable handle and adjustable angles, this electric scrubber brush is perfect for deep cleaning hard-to-reach areas without a need to bend over or climb up a ladder.Ā 

Aspiron electric spin scrubber can be used to clean bathrooms, grills, stovetops, heavily oiled walls, bathtubs and more. It includes 8 detachable brush heads aiming for various purposes:

  • 2 Foam scrubbers for mirrors and windows,Ā 
  • 2 Scouring pads for the kitchen/bathroom tiles and wooden floors
  • a big flat brush for large flat surfaces like walls
  • a small flat brush is for sinks
  • a dome brush is for bathtub
  • a corner brush comes in handy when cleaning edges and corners

Powerful cleaning with no interruption:Ā In addition, Aspiron electric spin scrubbers powered by 2500mAh batteries provide 90mins of continuous cleaning on a full charge. So it is ideal for multiple cleaning sessions without interruption, and the spin scrubber boasts 300rpm of scrubbing power for efficient removal of dirt, grime, and stains.

Taking tremendous efforts on removing stains? Try our electric spin scrubber to clean your kitchen, bathroom and even your car now!

ASPIRONĀ® doesn't stop here. Make sure you check out our site to discover more about our amazing products, such as steam mop!


This guide should be useful to walk you through the major indoor fall cleaning tasks. It is a perfect time to invest your weekend in refreshing your house. Shop Aspiron cleaning appliances now to make cleaning no longer tedious and repetitive.

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