The Best Steam Mop of 2023, Tried and Tested

The Best Steam Mop of 2023, Tried and Tested

A lived-in home is full of wonderful memories, but it also gets dirty from time to time. To get rid of grease and grime, you need a powerful cleaner. A steam cleaner can make your home sparkle by getting rid of bacteria and germs on floors and surfaces.

The appliance uses steam to clean, so you don’t need harsh cleaning products filled with chemicals. You can also use a steam mop to disinfect items you can’t clean or launder using regular cleaners, such as upholstery, soft furnishings, and mattresses.

A good steam mop like the Aspiron Canister Steam Cleaner uses steam to get rid of grease, grime, and scuffs, leaving your floors and surfaces spotless. The appliance loosens stubborn stains for easy cleaning.

What Does a Steam Mop Do?

A steam mop (steam cleaners) is powered by electricity and uses water vapor to purify and disinfect surfaces. The appliance features a water tank, a heating element, and a mop head connected to a handle.

Unlike a regular mop, which uses cleaning products, a steam mop only needs tap water to eliminate stubborn dirt. It uses hot steam to loosen dirt and grime and then its head absorbs it. And because steam dries quicker than water, you don't have to deal with mold regrowth after you clean.

How to Use a Steam Mop

  1. Prepare the surface:We recommend cleaning surfaces before deep cleaning with steam as dirt and grit can clog the steamer or scratch the surface.
  2. Use the right attachments:Use a brush to scrub surfaces, a squeegee to wick water and buildup off surfaces, a scraper to remove buildup and debris, and a soft cloth to clean delicate surfaces to prevent scratching.
  3. Fill the tank with water:Use tap water to fill the water tank (or distilled water if you live in an area with hard water). Turn on the steamer and let it heat up before you begin to clean.
  4. Get cleaning:Apply steam to the areas you would like to clean. Use the right attachments and work from the top down on vertical surfaces.
  5. Rinse the surface:Rinse the area you've cleaned to ensure dirty runoff doesn't settle on the surface. You can use a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue.

Steam Mop vs. Vacuum Cleaner

A steam mop is better than a vacuum cleaner because it can deep-clean a variety of surfaces, including windows. A vacuum, on the other hand, is built to clean hard floors, carpets, and upholstery.

A vacuum cleaner is best suited to regular, quick cleaning, while a steam mop is ideal for deep cleaning. If you’re eco-conscious and love eco-friendly cleaning solutions, get a steam mop.

Benefits of a Steam Mop

Doesn’t Use Harsh Chemicals

A steam mop only uses water to clean—unlike regular mops or spray mops. It heats water to produce steam, lifting dirt and grime and thoroughly cleaning surfaces. Regular cleaning solutions that use chemicals pose a danger to pets and children, but a steam cleaner uses steam to sanitize surfaces.

A Safer and Eco-Friendly Alternative

A steam cleaner only needs water to clean and doesn’t use chemicals like traditional cleaning solutions. It’s safe for your family and pets, and is also environmentally friendly. Because fewer chemicals get washed down the drain, our water supply is cleaner. When you buy a steam mop, you consciously avoid more pollutants that may harm the environment.

Doesn’t Just Clean Floors

Some steam mops can function as handheld steam cleaners for use around the home. For example, the Aspiron Canister Steam Cleaner has attachments that transform it into a lightweight unit for above-the-floor cleaning. You can easily clean glass shower screens, kitchen counters, the oven, and bathroom taps and tiles with the power of steam.

Surfaces Dry Quickly

Surfaces cleaned with a steam mop dry quickly compared to those cleaned with a traditional mop or a vacuum mop. You can use a steam cleaner on surfaces or furniture that need to be used within a short time. Walkways in commercial buildings can also benefit greatly from steam cleaning.



The Best Steam Mop of 2023: Aspiron Canister Steam Cleaner (CA019)

If you want a multipurpose steam mop, look no further than this Aspiron model. Its flexible head makes it well-suited to cleaning different surfaces. It comes with scrubber brushes to efficiently clean dirty tile grout and plow through stuck-on messes. Even when you’re in a rush, you can spare some time to clean because the unit preheats in just four minutes, reaching 293°F to deliver hot steam for cleaning grease and grime.

The multipurpose steam cleaner for carpet and upholstery has 21 cleaning attachments, including a glass brush, a floor brush, and an ironing brush. The brushes are ideal for tackling stubborn dirt and mud. You can use the appliance in your home, car, and even office. It perfectly cleans ceramic tiles and leaves vinyl flooring shiny (you don’t need to scrub them). You can also use the attachments to clean windows, your oven, and even hob.

The Aspiron steam mop has a flexible joint that lets you easily clean under furniture and kitchen appliances, and its 9.8ft power cord ensures you don’t keep switching plug sockets. Rolling wheels and a sturdy handle make the steam cleaner ergonomic. It glides smoothly over surfaces without overturning.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of steam before you finish cleaning as this steam cleaner has a large water tank (50.7oz), and provides up to 50 minutes of steam vapor cleaning. You can clean your entire home without having to stop and refill the tank. The unit also has a child lock that protects children and pets from injury.

Get the Aspiron Canister Steam Cleaner and Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime

Steam cleaners are household champions that can tackle everything, from grime to grease. They don’t use chemicals but steam to disinfect surfaces and eliminate germs. If you’re tired of harsh cleaning products or hands-and-knees scrubbing, get the Aspiron Canister Steam Cleaner.

It’s a great choice for eco-conscious people as it doesn’t use chemicals or consume a lot of water. Say goodbye to tiresome cleaning chores once and for all. Better yet, don’t just get one for yourself, get several to give as gifts to your loved ones.

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