Wet & Dry Cordless
Vacuum Cleaner

Deep Cleaning Made Easy
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Vacuum & Mop
Adjustable Suction Power
Multi-Surface Cleaning
Smart Self-Clean & Auto-Dry
Two Big Tanks
35min Cordless Runtime

Impeccable Design Suits Any Home

With expert craftmanship and ergonomic design, this vacuum and
mop boasts a durable yet stylish glossy finish.

More Spins,More Power
More Cleaning

The 250W powerful motor spins 2.7 times as
fast as conventional cleaners for a deeper,
more thorough clean.

Wet & Dry Messes Gone Without A Fuss

Combines vacuuming and mopping into one device that keeps your home spick and span.

Cleans Tough Messes & Dries Instantly

Vacuums and washes tough, sticky messes in one easy step, leaving floors instantly dry and streak-free.
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Erases messes, Powerful Suction

Vacuum, Mop and Wet and dry waste cleaned altogether. Cleaning is easier than ever !
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Handles Any Type of Surface

Choose from two speeds and two brush types
and watch as it cleans carpets, tiles, sealed
hard wood, and more.

Intelligent Self-Clean &
Auto-Dry Technology

With just the press of a button, the vacuum
cleans and dries itself so it's always hygenic and odor-free.

Power To Clean Your Entire Home

Thanks to a large 4000mAh battery, enjoy 35 minutes of cordless cleaning.

Two Tanks Separate
Clean & Dirty Water

Separates clean water from dirty
water so you only rinse with clean
water, ensuring that there's no
dirty streaks left after each wipe.

Powerful Suction

Suction power and water flow are automatically adjusted based on the debris detected. A powerful brush roller cleans tough, sticky messes better than traditional mops.
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Easy, Mess-Free Disposal

No more blocking the pipes or
dirtying your hands as the holder
separates the wet and dry messes
for better and safer waste management.
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Smart Display & Voice Prompts

The clear LED display instantly let's you know the working status while voice prompts serve as handy reminders.

What's In The Box