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Model: AS-CA006
  • Experience Powerful Cleaning:

    The Aspiron canister vacuum cleaner boasts an 1200W efficient brushless motor that generates over 455AW/24Kpa of strong suction, making it perfect for vacuuming dust, dirt, pet hair, and more.
  • Breathe Easy with Three-Stage Filtration:

    The central cyclonic filtration system separates dust from the air, while the fully sealed system with HEPA-H10 inlet filter traps fine dust and particles.
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Give Dad the Coolest Cleaning Technology

Breathe Easy with Three-Stage Filtration

The central cyclonic filtration system separates dust from the air

Compact and Convenient Design

Provide relief from muscle soreness and discomfort

Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface

Vacuum cleaner comes with a universal floorhead for low-pile carpet and hard floors

Experience Powerful Cleaning

 1200W efficient brushless motor that generates over 455AW/24Kpa of strong suction

Trusted By More Than 500,000 
 Customers Globally

98% Customers Are Satisfied

I say are designed to have one of the strongest suction capabilities

This little vacuum is just incredible. It performs at the quality of a 500+ dollar vaccum. It has great features like retractable cord, and a mount for the brush head. Easy to to use, simple, powerful and just a dream. It's pretty much an improved mighty might vac. 

Anna Lou

Verified Buyer

This vacuum is worth every penny and is reasonably priced!

I've gone through six vacuums in the past few years, and all of them eventually get clogged filters that degrade the suction power. However, this one is exceptionally powerful!

Mario C.

Verified Buyer

I came here and found this and it fits my needs perfectly.

I also didn't want the expense of having to buy bags. Since I couldn't find any canister vacuums as the traditional big box stores.

Patino Robot

Verified Buyer

Worth every penny and pretty cheap!

Iā€™ve gone through half a dozen vacuums in the last few years. All get clogged all and degrade on suction.

Reshawn S.

Verified Buyer

This canister vacuum is really good if you have pets.

I had a ragdoll and my tyson have to clear up the bin when vacuum twice (coz i'm lazy). this one can take up to 10X I vacuum the whole house.

Rhonda M.

Verified Buyer


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer 
support at support@aspiron.co

Is this safe for vinyl plant floors?

The ā€œfloor attachmentā€ is too tiny for vacuuming the floor; itā€™s made for a small fabric chair, etc. This product performs very poorly on carpets because the vacuum head is just suction, NO MOTORIZED BRUSH.

Cleaner does not work?

Check if the power plug is plugged well into the socket.
Check if there is power in the socket.
Check if the switch of the appliance is turned on.

The suction power is weak

Check if the floor nozzle or the hose is clogged. Remove the clogging timely. Check if the dust container is full of dust. Clean the dust container timely. Check if the filters are clogged. Change the filters.  Check if the telescopic wand is connected with the floor nozzle right.

The speed cannot be regulated.

Turn on and turn off the machine for several times, and if it still does not work, send it to the maintenance department for repair.

AspironĀ® Canister Vacuum Cleaner User Manual - AS-CA006

Click To Dowload "AS-CA006 User Manual":https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0560/5287/5329/files/AS-CA006_______20211101Rev_1.3_EN-FR.pdf?v=1660196647